Depressurizing the Fuel System

I’m replacing the stock fuel pressure regulator in the eclipse with an adjustable one. This will not only let me adjust the base fuel pressure to compensate for higher boost if needed, but will also prevent larger fuel pumps from overrunning the regulator and causing a rich condition. I’m planning to upgrade to a 255 LPH fuel pump from Walbro in the near future, and that’s known to over run the stock fuel pressure regulator. ┬áBefore I begin, I need to depressurize the fuel system. This will prevent pressurized fuel from spraying everywhere when I begin disconnecting the fuel system. Disconnecting a fuel system component while the fuel system is pressurized risks creating a fire hazard or getting fuel in your eyes. Luckily, depressurizing the fuel system in a 2G DSM is easy to do in four simple steps and only requires a philips head screwdriver.

  1. Remove the back seat to gain access to the fuel pump cover
  2. Remove the fuel pump cover
  3. Remove both connectors from the fuel pump
  4. Turn the engine over for a few seconds
After that, the system should be depressurized. What we’ve done is opened the injectors to release the pressure in the line while the pump is disabled, preventing it from building more pressure in the line. While the steps to access the fuel pump may vary, removing power to the pump and turning the car over should work for any vehicle.
It’s important to note that there may still be a small amount of fuel in the lines when you pull them, so be ready with a shop rag to clean up any messes. You should still wear eye-wear when disconnecting fuel components just in case there is still any pressure. ┬áThe last thing you want is gasoline in your eyes.
Here’s a video showing how it’s done to give you a visual.
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