Brace for corners!

Winding road

One of most fun parts of driving a convertible is driving through the twisties on a sunny day. ┬áTaking a tight corner is one the most exhilarating parts of driving any car. One of the biggest components of maintaining control in a hard corner is limiting what’s called body roll. Body roll is the flexing of the chassis that occurs during the shift in momentum as the car changes direction. It’s essentially a load transfer. As the load shifts toward the outside of the corner, traction is impacted as tire grip is reduced. Suspension kits, sway bars, and strut braces are all often used to reduce body roll, providing more grip in a tight corner.

Suspension modifications are expensive, my Spyder actually came with a rear sway bar and the cross member used to brace the top serves as an effective rear tower brace. However, there is no front strut tower brace. Luckily, this is one of the cheapest modifications you can do to your drop top. I’m using the Megan Racing strut tower brace for my eclipse, which you can get new on Amazon for about $70. I’m happy with this brace, but generic ones can be picked up for around $30-40 and will still offer plenty of improvement.

Installing the upper brace bar is really easy. You don’t even have to jack up the car. You just unbolt the nuts on the top of the strut tower, slip your brace over the bolts, and reattach the nuts. Then torque to spec. The weight of the vehicle holds the struts where they need to be while you slip the brace on.

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